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Description of Dance Classes



Ballet & Tap lessons: with emphasis on musicality, rhythm, dance terminology, coordination, spatial awareness, stretching and balance and much much more! Lessons become more focused on perfecting steps and dancing through the space as students increase in ablitly & skill levels. Lots to learn at any age! These classes will continue to foster the love of dance and inspire your child as well as challenging them to be the best young dancer they can be! Each lesson builds upon the next. Class times vary depending on skill level.


 Class available & grouped according to age and/or prior dance experience. Modern dance class includes the exploration of breath & flow, time & space, art & nature, past & present to name a few. Students are encouraged to move to changing tempos, beats, floor patterns, emotion and imagery.  Modern dance embodies the natural flow of movement.  The genre encourages students to find what movement means to them within a given exercise or combination.  The sky is the limit in modern class!  Lyrical classes are offered in combination with Modern and or Ballet classes. Classes are offered weekly and students are taught fluidity and dance to contemporary artists that inspire emotional dancing!


Ages 5-18; Class available & grouped according to age and/or prior dance experience. Jazz class includes many different styles of the genre: classic technique, hip hop and theater jazz. The class includes warm up, stretching, center work, traveling combinations and leaping/jumping. Classes available in combination with other classes, 60 to 90 minutes for intermediate & Advanced students.

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Mommy & Me: up to 3 yrs.

Creative Movement: ages 3-4yrs: Ballet & Tap based lessons utilizing props, dance games and educational preschool songs. The lessons help foster the love of dance, cooperation and following directions.  Each lesson builds upon the next. Class is held once a week and each lesson is 30-45 minutes in length.

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